B2B Marketing Strategy involves questioning everything to create a winning marketing action plan for your business. We offer the following targeted strategic services:

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Strategy Formation

We help you build marketing strategies to concentrate your resources on the opportunities that will provide the greatest return on marketing investment for your business.

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Action Planning

Your marketing action plan will outline the key marketing tactics you aim to employ, With this in mind, we work closely with you to fully understand your key objectives.

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Creative Brief

The Creative Brief aims to clarify your marketing purpose, strategy and tactics for any given program or initiative to be employed – utilising the most effective mediums.

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With our Strategy Guide you’ll learn how to craft a winning marketing strategy supported with the right tactics.

You’ll have access to some practical advice that will help you start to unlock real marketing solutions.

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Learn how an integrated marketing strategy helped this leading steel company deliver an innovative service offering for their clients serving the construction, civil, transport, mining and energy industries in Australia. Our marketing work is on show, helping BlueScope protect margin, grow sales volumes and strengthen customer relationships.

We planned and delivered a unique approach to industrial marketing content. Relevant, engaging and market insight based content was curated. In addition, tailored lead generation campaigns utilising a mix of mediums and telemarketing delivered real bottom line results for BlueScope – generating a 20:1 ROI.

Five Components to a superior B2B Marketing Strategy

1. Research

Start with learning more about your target audience: what are their key business challenges, operational bottlenecks and unmet needs. This will allow you to design a winning B2B Marketing Strategy – linked back to the specific markets and customers you serve.

2. Differentiate

In a world where we have too many choices and too little time, the obvious thing to do is just ignore. If your industrial brand stands out, it will be noticed and that is the essence of a successful B2B Marketing Strategy.

3. Engage

Your target audience will begin to take notice if you start to engage for all the right reasons with your marketing efforts. Don’t communicate what you do and how you do it. But why you do it – this is the key to designing an unbeatable B2B marketing strategy.

4. Purpose

You need to be driven by a cause, by a higher calling, a guiding purpose, even a belief. You need to believe in why you do what you do. If you talk about what you believe, you will attract those who believe what you believe. This will allow you to influence and ultimately change the minds and hearts of your target audience.

If you think back to the product life cycle. The first 2.4% is made up of innovators, the next 13.5% early adopters, the next 34% early majority. The rest is made up of your late majority and laggards. If you want your B2B marketing strategy to be accepted, you need a tipping point. And that’s the point where the innovators, early adopters and majority outweigh the average (the majority and laggards). 

5. Leadership

You need to inspire and excite. The market follows those who lead. And it’s the brands that challenge, create change and have the ability to inspire the people around them who will win with their B2B Marketing Strategy.

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We listen to understand. And then base our marketing work to deliver real results and return on your investment. We employ the following systems:

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Project Work

For industrial companies that have a specific project that demands a creative brief and execution. Includes: web site development, lead generation campaigns, content work, social media schedule and execution, etc.

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Retainer Options

Allow for a given amount of hours per month to be spent on your business, brand, products, services and customers. The monthly budget is decided by you and stays fixed to ensure you stay within your marketing budget.

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Our targeted workshops will help develop and deliver real outcomes for your business. We work on the key priorities with your leadership team to create the environment for the delivery of great ideas and real outcomes.