Manufacturing Lead Generation: 5 key steps to achieve ROI

Manufacturer lead generation is critical for any manufacturing business. 

Building a lead generation strategy is not easy for manufacturers. Arming your sales with sales qualified leads is the key. When lead generation is done well you will be well on your way to delivering revenue growth for your business.

Here are 5 key steps to help create a winning lead generation strategy:

Step 1 : Prospect Understanding

The opinions, interests, and needs of your prospects will matter most to what you aim to deliver. Why do these prospect businesses want to deal with you? How important is your offering to them? How do they educate themselves and where do they go to get their information? What questions do your current customers typically have about your offerings, products, and services? And how aware are they of your brand, capabilities, and value proposition?

Step 2 : Marketing Content is the key

Once you’ve completed some research on your prospects and the markets they serve, it’s time to develop your messaging. There’s no golden rule for how much marketing content you should develop. The important thing is for you to make your content work for the prospect. Ensure it is of some use, it is relevant and meaningful.

Ensure your content makes the prospect, your ideal customer the “hero” of your messaging. They must be the center of attention. This is your chance to create a new relationship – make it count.

Step 3 : The right digital channels

The exposure you have will depend on the digital channels you select to share your marketing content on. The advice we always give to our clients is to grow your followers and community on the channels most relevant. Social platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook and digital tools such as Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) will allow you to build this following. You can even purchase a database of target prospects (like customers) qualify the contact information, and schedule a series of EDM communications and social posts to attract them to your brand.

Step 4 : Automate To Ensure Longevity

Longevity will allow you to stay in the game and continue to test different ideas. Be resilient and automate with the right services available. Leverage these services/tools to execute your lead generation strategy. We also recommend scripted and tailored telemarketing to our manufacturing clients – this will help better qualify leads.

Step 5 : Measurement

Measure to determine what’s working and continually test different ideas/concepts to improve. Revise your lead generation strategy to improve the ROI and overall results for your business.

The right lead generation strategy will go a long way for manufacturers. If you’d like some help with your approach to B2B marketing, let’s chat.

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  • Generate more sales qualified leads
  • Conduct market/customer research
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Produce content that drives sales
  • Develop a Brand Positioning Strategy
  • Build on Customer Loyalty
  • Align sales and marketing
  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Enhance your sales presence
  • Drive Sales Force Effectiveness


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